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Traditional Beef Stew Recipe

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2 Kg. Shin of beef or stewing steak
450 ml Beef stock or large tin of plum tomatoes
As required. Salt and Pepper
2 Tbsp. Plain Flour
2 Tbsp. Olive Oil
350 g - peeled and roughly chopped Onions
350 g - peeled and roughly chopped Carrots
½ Tbsp. Dried thyme

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Traditional Beef Stew Recipe


      A classic beef stew recipe for chilly evenings. With your family by your side, this recipe you will remember!

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      Today I am going to share our family recipe for a delicious beef stew.  That is absolutely awesome for the winter season.

      It’s perfect for fancy dinners and it’s perfect for casual dinners as well.

      Easy to prepare and hard to screw up, our traditional beef stew is so flavorful that you will get requests for seconds.

      Trust me, the beef is going to be so tender that it will just melt in your mouth!

      My family loves it and so do I! 💕

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      Cut the beef into bite-sized chunks. Next, we are going to mix them thoroughly with the flour, and salt and pepper. To do this, you can put them in a plastic bag and shake the bag until the meat is thoroughly coated with the seasoned flour. The other option is to use a bowl and use your hands to mix them up.


      Add 2 tablespoon of olive oil to a large frying pan and let’s fry the pieces of meat. We will do this until they are brown on each side. Once done, let’s transfer them to a large saucepan.


      Next, we are going to add some fried onions to the saucepan. For that, we will roughly chop some onions and fry them for a few minutes until they become a little translucent. Once done, add them to the saucepan.


      Use a little of the stock to get all the beefy goodness from the frying pan and add that to the saucepan.


      Finally add the rest of the stock, the carrots and the thyme to the saucepan, bring the contents to the boil, then cover the pan and turn down the heat to let it simmer slowly until the meat is done. This will take about 3 hours.


      It’s important that you don’t turn up the heat for a faster result – to get the most delicious and properly cooked beef stew, we need to cook it slowly over low heat.


      Once the stew is cooked you can serve it hot!

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