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Spiced Apple Strudel Recipe.

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About 6 sheets Filo Pastry
50g (2oz) melted Butter
25 g (1oz) Fresh white bread crumbs
For the Filling:
1 large cooking apple (peeled, cored and roughly sliced) Apple
1/2 Zest & Juice of lemon
50 g (2oz) Demerara Sugar
1 Tsp Ground Cinnamon
For the Icing:
1/2 a Lemon Lemon Juice
100 g (4oz) Sifted Icing sugar

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Spiced Apple Strudel Recipe.


      This apple strudel is brilliant to eat with your tea or simply as a dessert!

      • 1 hr 10 minutes
      • Medium


      • For the Filling:

      • For the Icing:



      Filo pastry comes in various different sizes. If the one you buy is a different size just adapt step 2, below, so that you have the same finished size.

      This strudel is best when eaten warm; the party will go soggy if left for too long.

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      Lightly grease a large baking tray. Pre-heat oven to about 190C/375F/Gas mark 5. Mix all the filling together in a bowl and then set it aside.


      For the filling mix in the sliced apples and then slightly mix them with the demerara sugar, the cinnamon and the lemon juice and the zest, putting them aside for the time when you will need to put it on the pastry.


      Place 2 sheets of filo, long sides together. Side by side on a board or work surface, slightly overlapping them. Altogether they should measure about 36 x 30 cm (14 x 12 in). Brush with a little of the melted butter.


      Topping that with another layer of filo, overlapping the long sides of the filo sheets again and then placing them across the first two sheets. Brush them with melted butter and then again adding the final two layers of filo, overlapping them vertically, like you did in the first layer. Sprinkle the top sheets with the breadcrumbs.


      Spoon the apple filling over one of the top sheets of pastry, about 5 cm (2in) in from the long edge and the sides. Cut away about 2.5 cm (1 in) of the pastry at the sides of the uncovered sheets of filo; this helps to prevent too much pastry being folded together.


      Folding the sides in and rolling the pastry up from the filling end shape it into a sausage. Carefully lifting the strudel on to the greased baking tray and brush it all over the skin with the melted butter. Bake for about 30-45 minutes, until the pastry is golden and crisp.


      For the icing; mix the lemon juice with the icing sugar to make a thin icing. (Taking care that the icing isnt too thin though or it will slide straight off the strudel). Drizzle the icing all over the strudel. Trim the ends off at a diagonal angle, cut into slices and serve with creme fraiche or just cream or a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

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