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Seekh Kebab Recipe

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Seekh Kebab Recipe

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“Juicy, tender, and absolutely lovely”.

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What screams home louder than seekh kebab and naan on a weekend? Seekh kebabs have been a family affair at my house for as long as I can remember. We would get to preparing seekh kebabs as early as 10 a.m on a Saturday so they’d be all ready for our late lunch or dinner. Mom would be the head chef, ordering everyone around,  while my father minced the beef and my brother and I would be shaping these heavenly bites. 

For my followers who don’t know what are seekh kebabs, they are absolutely delicious kebabs on a skewer. They can be made from minced beef, lamb and even chicken, depending on your personal preference. 

After making these kebabs and putting them on skewers, we’d light up the grill with coal and get to grilling the skewers on coal-fire. Trust me, it was a full day of activity and anticipation. 

After I moved out, one of my major missings was the whole family affair of making seekh kebabs. So, one day, I set out to make them all on my own. Who would’ve known I’d fail so bad! My kebabs would just not stick to the skewer no matter what I did. They’d break apart and the juices would get released prematurely, leaving me just alright kebabs. 

But my love for kebabs made me not give up. I tried different methods and recipes to make the kebabs as perfectly as possible. 

And finally, I got my recipe right.  After years of practicing (literally), I am sure that I have aced the perfect seekh kebab recipe. And the best part is I have baked it, grilled it on a stove-top girdle and tried cooking it in a pan too – each time the texture of the kebab is absolutely amazing. 

So, if you are someone who lives far from home and is craving these kebabs, worry not. Use this seekh kebab recipe and try making them right at home. Trust me, it is much easier than it seems.  

Protip: If you opt to make these kebabs on the stovetop or bake them, smoke them just before serving to accentuate the flavours. 

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Step: 1

Grind chickpeas, poppy seeds, both cumin and cardamom.


Step: 2

Grind mince and bread in a chopper; remove.


Step: 3

Add ground spices and remaining ingredients; knead into dough.


Step: 4

Rub oil on palm: take little mince and shape into seekh kebab: repeat process to make more kebabs.


Step: 5

Heat oil in a frying pan; fry kebabs golden.

Amy Clark

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