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Mayonnaise Salad

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Mayonnaise Salad

" The perfect lazy day salad! "

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It’s the end of a week. You are low on supplies and have just a little of everything. You have a chicken fillet, some sweet corn, shell macaroni, pineapple, maybe even a potato.  But it’s not enough to make a full fledged meal for 3, or even 2. You open your fridge, find some mayonnaise and a pack of cream.   So what do you do? You make your favorite lazy day meal: a mayonnaise salad! 

The best things about this mayonnaise salad is that you can always spruce things up. Don’t have sweet corn? No problem, skip it! Have some bell pepper instead, dice it up and add to your salad. This delicious salad is a perfect go to salad with leftovers found in your fridge at the end of a week.

Honestly, each time I eat the mayonnaise salad, it’s like I am teleported to my childhood when my dad used to make this while my mom was gone for work trips. All I’d ever eat was this salad because it became my favorite. And I associated this salad to fun times with dad in the kitchen. Him chopping the veggies, and I mixing it up in the salad bowl. This makes the mayonnaise salad even more special for me. 

The dressing on the salad is extremely simple too. Essentially, it requires only 3 items: mayonnaise (obviously), cream, lemon juice. You then add the condiments you like best. You may even add milk to the dressing to make it easier to incorporate and make it smoother.

Now remember that I have only provided you a list of items that work great together. These are tried and tested by my oh-so-reliable taste palette. But what works for me, might not be the best for you too. If you do not like maybe say pineapples, add in cherry tomatoes for the juicy pop. If you do not have chicken fillets, add in some sausages perhaps (not that it would still be as healthy, but still).

I’m hoping that you enjoy eating the mayonnaise salad as much as I love it too.  Can’t wait for you to try it out and provide feedback on how it was received at your place.

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Step # 1

Start by cutting chicken fillets into small pieces


Step # 2

Prepare salad dressing by mixing mayonnaise, sugar, fresh cream, lemon juice and all the spices.


Step # 3

Whisk the dressing till no clumps are left


Step # 4

Mix all ingredients in a salad bowl and refrigerate


Step # 5

Serve when chilled!

Amy Clark

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