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Hareesa Recipe

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½ kg Chicken pieces
1 Onion(cut finely)
250 grams Oatmeal(soaked)
1 cup Wheat(soaked)
125 grams Yogurt(whipped)
1 tsp Hot spices powder
1 tbsp Turmeric powder
1 tbsp Cumin powder
1 tbsp Ginger/garlic powder
2 tbsp Red chilli powder
2 cups Water
To taste Salt
¼ cup Oil
For garnishing Fresh coriander,ginger,lemon

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Hareesa Recipe

"The perfect Arabic hareesa recipe!"

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It’s been quite sometime now that I have been thinking of sharing recipes of dishes closest to my heart, and closest to my culture with all of you.

And, that is when I stumbled upon so many people asking for hareesa recipe. Call it luck I guess? So that’s when I decided to type down this family favorite for all of you to try and enjoy!  

Hareesa is a Middle Eastern dish that has travelled its way to Asia. Because of that, there are many many variations available because of local traditions and tastes. Hareesa is a one-pot dish made from lentils, oatmeal/porridge, and meat. Now, what lentils, meat, or porridge you use is entirely up to you. In Qatar and Emirates, hareesa is preferred to be eaten with meat in larger chunkier quantities and drizzled with olive oil. In Oman, the meat of choice is chicken but dry fruits have to be added to the dish. So basically, as I said, there are many versions of this recipe available online and none of them are wrong.

My version of the hareesa recipe is very quick and probably the simplest too. I guess moving to a new country with 2 toddlers just made me find shortcuts to things I wanted most. 

My trick to making this dish so fast is by soaking oatmeal and wheat (or any other lentils I choose to use) overnight. This makes the lentil very soft and easy to cook and mash. Also, I choose chicken meat over any other meat because it is quickest to cook and also is not tricky at all. 

While this hareesa recipe might be the simplest and quickest, just remember that a good hareesa takes time and love. You will need to give it attention. Give it time for preparation and then while cooking again, ensure that everything is well cooked, tender, and infused. Later, give it some time to mash it up nicely rather than leaving it clumpy. Making this dish can quickly become a family activity by getting your family members to mash up the oatmeal or stir the spoon every 3 minutes.

Hoping you and your family enjoy cooking this showstopper together. 

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Step #1

Heat oil in a pot; fry onions and remove.


Step #2

Add chicken and ginger/garlic to the same pot; cook until water dries.


Step #3

Add hot spices, red chillies ,turmeric, cumin, yogurt and salt; fry for 2 minutes.


Step #4

Add oatmeal, wheat and water; cook over low flame.


Step #5

When oatmeal becomes tender, mash thoroughly; cook for 10 minutes and remove in dish.


Step #6

Garnish with lemon, ginger and coriander to serve.

Amy Clark

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