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Chicken and Mushroom Soup

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2 Chicken Breast
300 grams Button mushrooms
1 cup Fresh Milk
1 tbsp Refined flour
3 cups Chicken Stock
½ cup Fresh Cream
½ tbsp Black pepper (crushed)
To taste Salt
½ tbsp Butter
As accompaniment Buns (small)
As accompaniment Butter

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Chicken and Mushroom Soup


    “Cozy, comforting and just super creamy!”

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    Be it winters or summers, chicken and mushroom soup is my go-to soup! With flavours that hit the right cords, this recipe has been my family’s favourite for as long as I can remember. This creamy chicken and mushroom soup recipe is so easy that even my 12-year-old can make it with very little help. This simple yet wholesome recipe is light on the carbs too, all because of one teensy modification. In this recipe, you will see that we won’t use heavy cream. Instead, we will make a white sauce and then add that to the soup! 


    End result? Absolutely perfect, cozy, comforting and super creamy chicken and mushroom soup! If you wish to recreate your favourite creamy soups without adding tonnes of heavy cream, try swapping heavy cream with a plain old fashioned white sauce made with only butter, flour and fresh milk. 


    This teensy swap makes the creamy chicken and mushroom soup much healthier while preserving the perfect creamy texture and taste that we all love. 


    I like my chicken and mushroom soup loaded with earthy mushrooms and good chunky chicken pieces. You can change the quantity of chicken and mushroom depending on your personal liking. If you like your creamy chicken and mushroom soup less loaded, cut down a bit on the chicken and mushrooms.


    I always like to bake some buttery garlic bread to accompany this soup for the best possible combination ever. I’ll soon post a recipe for this too, till then, enjoy this amazing creamy chicken and mushroom soup.


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    Step 1

    Let’s start by making white sauce. To do that, heat butter in a pot; fry flour and then remove from flame. After a few minutes add milk while stirring. Cook for another few minutes until the sauce thickens.


    Step 2

    In a separate pot cook chicken pieces, chicken stock and salt. Do that for 5 minutes and then remove from flame. Once removed, add the white sauce you just prepared.


    Step 3

    Your soup is almost ready! Heat soup before serving and add cream, mushrooms and black pepper.


    Step 4

    Use buns and butter as accompaniment. Enjoy and let us know how this recipe worked for you!

    Amy Clark

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